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Electric Foldable Portable Wheelchair Stair Climber

    भुगतान प्रकार: T/T,D/P
    Incoterm: FOB,CFR,CIF
बुनियादी जानकारी

मॉडल नं.ST-G7-25

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भुगतान प्रकारT/T,D/P


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Safe and effectively transports patient up and down stairs and across level ground as a wheelchair.

All metal frame construction allows you to carry bariatric patient. Maximum load capacity 180kg.

Automatic safety braking system integrated. Instantaneous brake to ensure safety.

A removable lithium-ion battery.

There are teeth on both sides of the track for enhancing friction.

Extending footrest and lower track angle increase patient`s sense of security.

Positive locking hinge mechanism ensures chair is locked in place whether deployed for use or folded for carrying and storage

Three-position lifting bar/grame and handles reduce the strain.

Battery and motor are waterproof, built in real-time indicator displays remaining power.

Durable powder coated finish eliminates oxidation and facilitates easy cleaned.

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